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Cardano Stake Pool Operator

"There, he married Lucia Banderini in 1531. Before her death in 1546, they had three children, Giovanni Battista, Chiara and Aldo Urbano. Cardano later wrote that those were the happiest days of his life."



Stake with banderini and grow your ADA

Earn 4 - 5% annualised on your ADA stack

Real-time rewards dashboard to track your returns

10% of banderini's fees are donated to charity

At banderini, we've always believed in the power of the blockchain to change the world.  This promise is no better encapsulated than with Cardano, a decentralised, trustless system built on years of rigorous scientific research and experimentation.  From the finance industry to supply chains, from personal information sovereignty to voting - Cardano has the means and the potential to revolutionise how we do things and bring about a new era of cheaper, safer and fairer access to the services we all need - globally.

As a holder of ADA, the native cryptocurrency of Cardano, you can help secure the network and get paid for doing it.  This is done by staking - simply select BANDA stake pool to delegate your ADA to from within your favourite wallet and enjoy compounded returns on your ADA holdings.  Your assets never leave your control and you are free to spend or move them at any time.

If you're new to staking, please reach out using the contact form below, or say hi on Twitter.  banderini would be happy to help you through the process.


banderini nodes are built with a focus on uptime, security and latency, using public cloud providers.  Relying on decades of experience running mission critical systems, the pool is built to withstand unexpected failures and designed to have the smallest attack surface possible.

Fixed fee 

340 ada

This is the minimum fee allowed by the protocol.

Competitive variable rate




Search for ticker BANDA in your Cardano wallet



As long as the current fee structure as dictated by the protocol doesn't change, these fees will not change either.  Overall, this is the best configuration for ensuring pool costs are well supported and no corners are cut in ensuring stability and performance.

Take a look at live dashboards for the pool.  To toggle dashboards, click on "banderini" in the top left corner of the page.



Core node is not exposed to the internet. Management layers are only accessible via private VPN, there are no SSH endpoints exposed to the internet on any nodes.  Block producing node is configured to only receive traffic from banderini relays.  Nodes are regularly patched and scanned for vulnerabilities


Nodes are containerised.  This mobility enables us to use orchestration tools like Kubernetes to reschedule a node somewhere else if the underlying hardware were to fail.  Docker also allows us to perform zero downtime upgrades and patching of block producing and relay nodes, so no blocks are missed.


Regional relay nodes are connected over fast private links so blocks are propagated in the quickest time possible.  8gb of RAM on each node and redundant 1 Gbps links

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